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Large Norwegian Foreign Market =
Need for Norwegian Translation Service

Norway has a huge foreign trade market as well as high per capita income. Business owners expanding and/or trading in Norwegian language areas will improve business relationships, correspondence, and increase profits with Norwegian language translations. Whether business documents, legal papers, web content, product instructions or any other document, Tomedes can improve your business with fast and efficient English to Norwegian translation. Simply choose your language on the top menu, fill in your text or upload your documents, and you'll be provided with a detailed estimate within seconds. Or, for a more personalized consultation, connect with our free 24/7 live chat personnel.

Specifics about Norwegian
Language Translation

There is more to English to Norwegian translation than simply looking up any old translation site. There are regional dialects, differences between written and spoken languages, and much more to consider. Here are just a few intricacies of the Norwegian language:

  • There are two nationally recognized Norwegian dialects, known as Nynorsk, (or Norsk) (New Norse) and Bokmal, which means “book language.”
  • Schools can choose to teach either Norsk or Bokmal, but civil servants are required to know both. It's important to know which dialect is needed for any given Norwegian document translation.
  • Word order in Norwegian can be either like ours (subject, verb) or it can also have inverted word order (verb, subject) when the dependent clause begins the sentence, followed by the independent sentence clause.
  • Adjectives have many rules for proper form, including masculine, feminine and neuter genders, many different endings which are dependent upon word order, verb tense, gender, and several other exclusively Norwegian rules of grammar. This requires extensive Norwegian grammar knowledge for an accurate translation.

Expedited, Error-free Norwegian
Translation Service

Because of the two national Norwegian languages and the fact that both are widely used, as well as the fact that Norwegian grammar requires in-depth knowledge of the language, any kind of Norwegian document translation must be performed by only expert, professonal translators like those at Tomedes. Not only is each English to Norwegian translation provided by professionals, but our translators have industry specific knowledge and experience as well. If you need a manual for technological parts to be translated, we have technical Norwegian translation professionals with years of experience translating such documents. You need never worry about terminology and technical information. At Tomedes, we completely prepared, experienced and ready for any kind of document translation.

We offer expedited and error-free professional Norwegian translation at the lowest cost possible. Our innovative bidding system guarantees you will always be provided with the most experienced translator for the lowest possible rate. We use a foolproof system consisting of one translator to transcribe the document, and another to proofread, which ensures a speedy turnaround and error-free results. Get started right away with a free quote using our menu on the left, or by contacting us through our live chat.

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95,000 Business Customers

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