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Are you looking to translate your documents? Document translation services are at Tomedes' core expertise. Our global teams of expert linguists transform each document into a multitude of languages, with a selection of over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs, paired with fast delivery, a 1-year guarantee, and 24/7 customer support, at Tomedes.

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Our document translation services are trusted  by companies and individuals worldwide

We're trusted by Fortune 500 companies and small and medium corporations alike. Put your trust in Tomedes today. Here are some of our 95,000+ satisfied business partners.

Tomedes furthers the global objectives of brands worldwide, providing document translation solutions that broaden their horizons. We provide scalable and guaranteed business solutions that are delivered on time by our team of experts.

A Global Leader in Document Translation Services

Over 1,000,000 Documents Translated Professionally

Since our inception, we have been providing translation in document services for over a decade. We have translated numerous documents, using a combination of premiere technological tools and smart human solutions. Our technology can translate huge volumes of documents on-demand, while our translators make sure your every translation is a quality one.

Confidence of Over 95,000 Businessess

Tomedes ranks among the leading providers of document translation services in the world. Business clients from startups to Fortune 50 corporations rely on us to translate their documents in more than 200 language combinations. Our official document translation services are comprehensive in nature but tailored to your needs.

Professional Document Translation Services in 120+ Languages

Tomedes directs a global team of document translation specialists, in over 100 countries across five continents. Our expert linguists have skills in every major language and each major industry. That diversity of coverage guarantees that our translations are targeted accurately and comprehensively to the readers you intend to reach. Your intended meaning is never lost in translation.

Guaranteed for public and private institutions

All your document translations are guaranteed for public and private institutions, by our offer of a 1-year guarantee on all translations of documents. This is a sure-fire way to ensure your document translators and the service they provide are up to par.

ISO certified document translation services

Our translation of documents is highly certified, through ISO certification, ensuring the highest quality in your document translations. Our professional document translation services go through a two-step process of quality assurance as well.

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Document Translation for Your Every Need

Our Document Translation Services

Translating documents is Tomedes' core competence: your document's translation will be performed by expert linguists skilled in the required languages and specific subject matter.

Legal Document Translation Services

Tomedes excels at translating legal documents. Serving officers of the courts and law firms is our expertise. Legally trained linguists ensure that documents conform to the expectations of authorities and requirements of the law.


Certified Document Translation Services

Document certification is another core specialization of our translation services. Our linguists are trained to translate documents, certifying translation accuracy that passes muster with authorities in jurisdictions across the globe.


Financial Document Translation Services

Your financial documents need to be translated with a professional document translation service, in order to ensure the highest level of detail and accuracy for your important documents such as cash flow statements, income statements, and balance sheets.


Medical Document Translation Services

Accurate translation of medical documents can be a matter of life and death. We ensure that each such assignment is handled by trained and certified linguists familiar with the terminology of pharmacology and medicine


Technical Document Translation Services

Translation of technical documents is a requirement for virtually every business and scientific project, for customer support. Tomedes ensures that experts familiar with the technical jargon of your industry are on your translation team.


Document translation services for any industry

  • Automotive

    Tomedes places its automotive clients in the driver seat, assigning document translation teams with expertise in the language of the auto industry in target countries, fine-tuned for distributors, dealers, and drivers.

  • Banking & Finance

    Translating documents for finance-related clients requires extreme exactitude. Tomedes linguists command decades of expertise in the terminology of financial services industries, delivering translations that are “right on the money.”

  • Healthcare

    Getting the words right in health and medical matters saves time, money, and lives. Healthcare providers and medical product companies rely on Tomedes for linguistic expertise in medicine and pharmaceuticals.

  • Gaming

    Games are not child's play. They're a big business: Tomedes translators bring expert know-how of game documentation to deliver perfect translations of the technical documents and marketing collateral our global gaming clients require.

  • High-Tech

    Our tech-savvy translators command expertise in the translation of technical, marketing, and sales documents as well as in-depth experience in localizing the documentation of websites, applications, and other software.

  • Military

    Tomedes serves agencies in the public and private security sectors worldwide. Our military-trained linguistic teams combine technical expertise in document translation with a strict commitment to confidentiality, ensuring that our work hits the target.

  • Government

    Bureaucratese is a language unto itself, not easy to translate, but Tomedes translators bring their expertise to serve the document translation needs of the public sector and NGOs with accuracy and discretion.

  • Luxury Brands

    Luxury brands hold high standards for the language of their sales and marketing collateral. Tomedes brings global expertise to localizing documents for discriminating clients, translating brand value across linguistic borders.

  • Legal Services

    Tomedes supervises a worldwide team of linguists with legal expertise, sensitive to the subtleties of every turn of phrase. Fastidious care in document translation is a requirement when serving officers of the court.

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Getting started with Tomedes is easy. Just send us the document(s) to be translated along with information about the languages needed, website links, and delivery deadlines. We'll respond immediately.

Case Studies

English to Arabic Legal Document Translation

A client requested an urgent translation from English to Arabic for a 1200 word legal document needed in a supreme court hearing. A pristine translation was needed in 24 hours. We delivered!


Chinese to English Document Translation

A Chinese corporate client needed several Mandarin-to-English business documents to be translated urgently. She turned to our express service and a Chinese mother-tongue linguistic team started immediately. The quality, speed, and price of our work delighted her!


Italian to English Document Translation

Giovanni was applying to study at a UK university and needed certification of his educational qualifications from Italy. We assembled an Italian-British team of Italian to perform certified document translations. We delivered, and Gio got in!


English to Hindi Document Translation

A client marketing to India had used a localization company that relied on machine translation, with unacceptable results. He required expert human translation of a presentation and brochure into Hindi within 12 hours. Could we help? Our DTP team delivered the goods in time.



How do we select your document translator?

Document translators are screened using a rigorous two-step process. Tomedes uses a combination of human reviewers and QA tools to assess the linguistic and industry-specific expertise of each applicant. Their work is continuously audited via our internal review system which takes a number of factors into account including client feedback, professionalism, and consistency.

How do we certify your documents?

Tomedes translation agency is certified to provide document translation services faithful to the original document. This means that certified translators will provide authentic representations of the original texts. Tomedes is certified by the American Translator's Association to provide these services. At Tomedes, we can assist in all aspects of your application to help broaden your horizons.

Can you send your documents online?

You can send your documents online through a variety of methods: through email, through our quote process, through the WhatsApp link above, and through the contact form, or file upload form on this page.

Which file format should you send your documents in?

Feel free to send your documents in the file formats of .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xml, .html, .csv, .xlsx, and .txt. We usually deal with these file formats, but you can also send image files such .png, .jpeg, and .svg. If you're in need, simply send us your documents in the file format you prefer.

Do we use machine translation engines?

Our primary method of translation is through the honed skillsets of professional document translators. However, our machine translation post-editing services are available upon request. It's ideal for a project of large volumes of documents and is done with the expertise of official post-editors, to ensure the highest quality and accuracy.

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