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Tomedes is authorized to certify that a translated document exactly and faithfully represents the content of the original. Certified translation services are required by authorities and professional bodies in many jurisdictions. We guarantee that our translation certificates will be accepted universally. Tomedes translates in over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs, with rapid delivery, a 1-year guarantee, and 24/7 customer support.

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Certified translation services guaranteed  by companies and individuals worldwide

Broaden your horizons with our certified translation solutions. Our certified translation services are guaranteed to solve all your submission problems by providing global solutions for your various requirements. We provide certified translations that are authentic representations of your original documents.

Our certified translation services are guaranteed to solve all your submission problems by providing global solutions for your various requirements. We provide certified translations that are authentic representations of your original documents.

Certified Translation Services You Can Be Assured Of


Certified for Acceptance in Public and Private Institutions

Our certified translations are guaranteed for acceptance in public and private institutions such as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). If you need NAATI-certified translators, we can provide them. If you need certifications forthe UK, we can also provide them. Our certified translations canbe accepted in virtually any country.


Certified In Over Six Continents

Our global network of more than 20,000 translators in sixcontinents enables us to certify your documents, backed up by our 24/7 customer support. We strategically hire native certified translators who are in different time zones to prepare for your needs, so you can be accommodated anytime, anywhere.


Certified by the ATA, ISO, and You

Tomedes is verily certified by the American Translator's Association and the International Organization for Standardization. Our translators, meanwhile, are also certified by translator's associations in their various native countries. We guide you through the process of requirements, so you can be sureyour certified translations are accepted. You can be the judge of our translations, as soon as you get started with us.



With certified translations services, your translations go through a rigorous process of certification,to assure your document's acceptance in your desired institutions.

What is certified translation?

According to the American Translator's Association, a certified translation is a document translation that must come with the affirmation of the accuracy and completeness of the translation. We use various factors to assure the accuracy and completeness of your translations, such as our certified translation company, our certified translators and industry professionals, and the help of recognized institutions like the ATA and the ISO. All your certified translations come with the official seal of Tomedes.

Assurance of a 1-Year Guarantee

Here is your assurance of a one-year guarantee


Certifying our translations

  1. Choosing the right translations for you or your business
  2. Translation of your document tailor-fitted to your needs
  3. Linguistic quality assurance that ensures quality and accuracys
  4. Provision of all certification documents preparing it for acceptance

To ensure your satisfaction, all your certified translationscome with a one-year guarantee. This means you're insured forone year of all your translation projects with Tomedes. We areconfident with the quality of our work, but to make sure thatyou are satisfied with our service, we offer you up to one yearof translation revisions.

Looking for Certified Translators?

Tomedes has a worldwide team of translators accredited to certify translations of practically any type of document for virtually every jurisdiction. We offer a 100% 1-year guarantee on our certified translation services.

Certified Translation Services For Every Industry Imaginable

Certification is often required by government agencies, insurance companies, courts, and other professional bodies as proof that the translation is a true and exact representation of the original in another language.

Our Network of Certified Translators

Tomedes commands a worldwide network of thousands of translators, giving us the ability to provide certified translation services in virtually any language, and in any country, on-demand. Beware of impostors: not every translator is accredited to provide certified language translation services. We make it our business to hire and train the most talented translators in the world. Our senior linguists have the training and accreditation to certify a translation as a true and accurate representation of an original document verified for use in a given legal jurisdiction. Our account managers ensure that from the start of every project you are matched with the professional team most suited to successfully complete your certified translation.

The Certified Translation Services We Provide

Tomedes offers certified translation services for virtually any kind of document for official use in most jurisdictions. The following are just some of the many types of translation certifications we provide:

Other Translation Services

Certified translation services are an official guarantee of the quality and accuracy that what has been translated accurately reflects the content of the original. Regardless of the document's content, or the translation languages, we offer a 100% guarantee that our translation certification is correct and acceptable.

Looking for an official translation partner for your business?

Our official translation services are not only meant for immigration documents for the USCIS. We have a curated list of services designed to fit all your business translation needs. Click the link below and see how Tomedes can help you broaden your horizons.

Send us your documents

To get started with your certified translation, just send us the original to be translated and the languages and jurisdictions requiring certification.

Certification Samples

Certified translation services can be applied to a marriage or birth certificate, immigration documents, a reference letter, a diploma, or a lengthy legal document. It applies to diverse legal documents like contracts and patent applications as well as to a broader range of professional documentation like reference letters, scholarly papers, and business reports.

Certified Translation Services In Any Language

Our global staff also includes domain experts and specialists in virtually every industry and field of endeavor to ensure that the certified translation services are as accurate and professional as possible.

Commonly Requested Languages for Certification


Our certified Spanish translation services will require the help of a certified Spanish translator. If it's a certified translation from English to Spanish that you need, make sure to contact Tomedes for accredited translators.



How do you certify an official translation from Portuguese to English? It's easy: you obtain the help of Tomedes certified translation services, who'll equip you with the certification you need, as well as the official Portuguese translator you're looking for.



If you need certified notarized translation and notary services or accredited English translations from Chinese, don't hesitate to ask Tomedes' certificate translation services. A government certified translator will make sure all your translations are accredited to pass in jurisdictions in China.



Hindi to English official translations shouldn't be too difficult for you if you obtain the help of Tomedes for a certified true translation. We accommodate Hindi to English, English to Hindi, or any of our other 950+ language pairs. Contact us and find a Hindi certified translator today.



Vietnamese official translation services are one click away at Tomedes. If you're looking to translate from Vietnamese to any of our 120 languages available, you're in the right place. You can translate your birth certificates, legal documents, and more in this language.



For the Korean language, authorised translation services are available for you. If you want to translate your documents to or from Korean, our certified document translation services are more than ready to translate for you.


Didn't see the language you needed?

Tomedes commands a global network comprising thousands of expert linguists skilled in translating more than 120 languages and 950+ language pairs.


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