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Tomedes offers transcript translation services, translating official academic transcripts for high school, college, university and graduate school performance. An official transcript of the academic record of a student is something that school and employers may request to see. If transcripts are in a foreign language, you need to get them translated.

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Transcript Translation Services Trusted by Academic Institutions Worldwide

Our transcript translation service is trusted by academic institutions worldwide. We are ISO-certified to provide transcript translation services, and we provide certification with your translations upon request. Whatever you aspire to be, we can help you in your journey.

Broaden your horizons with our transcript translation service. Our transcript translation services will solve your problems when it comes to applications that are not in your language. Transcripts translations will be authenticated translations, providing you with global solutions to your academic and professional problems.

Keeping Up with International Academic Standards

We ensure that our transcripts translation services adhere to national and international standards of grading systems. There are different grading systems for countries depending on their governments--a country can employ a 4.0 scale, a 1.0 scale, an A scale, and more. These standards are also translatable, in error-free translations, because one error in calculation can cause a high grade to be a low grade. That’s precisely why Tomedes transcript translators are required to pass a certain level of expertise when it comes to transcript translation.


We Translate all kinds of Academic Transcripts

High School Transcript

Our high school transcript translation services will conquer your fears of submitting a transcript in a language not recognized by your future college. Your aspirations to obtain acceptance into your dream college or university will be heightened by our transcript translation service.

University Transcript

When it comes to undergraduate and graduate transcripts, transcript translation services can accommodate all the requirements of your professional career institution. Applying to jobs has never been easier through transcript translation services that are guaranteed to be accepted by your dream institution.

Translate your transcript into over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs.

Your transcript can be translated into over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs. We can translate transcripts to English from Arabic, French from German, Portuguese from Spanish and more. We support rare and hard-to-find languages as well, so you can be sure to have your pick from our large repertoire of languages.

  • Chinese(traditional)
  • Chinese(simplified)
  • Korean
  • Arabic
  • Vietnamese
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • German

If you’re interested in translating now, here are our languages available.


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Translated transcripts are commonly used for:


University Applications

Transcripts translation is usually needed for higher education, whether it be academic, school, college or university, graduate, postgraduate, or postdoc programs. Where you're studying abroad for the short term, or looking to pursue a degree for the long term, these transcript translations can help you in your aspirations to go to your dream school in your dream program.


USCIS Applications

For immigration applications to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, our international transcript translation services are often a requirement as procedural documents. These transcripts reflect your learner’s progress in the school you’ve attended, and they may make a study visa or other types of immigration statuses easier to attain. Translate your transcript to English, and your dream destination awaits..


Job Applications

In order to apply for jobs, you may also need to submit your translated transcript. These requirements are often used to assess your progress in your school, and allow you to be accepted or on-boarded at your dream job. With transcript translations, you can help prepare for your future, even if you have limited proficiency in the language of your employer.

Expertise in multiple fields

Our transcript translators are versed in translating transcripts worldwide, complete with expert knowledge of the subjects, the grading systems, and the information within the transcripts. They’re more than translators, they’re expert transcript decoders ranging from various fields.


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