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Technical translation services cover a broad range of language conversion and adaptation activities. Tomedes is an expert and experienced technical translation agency, responsible for technical document translation across diverse professional and industrial sectors. Our worldwide network of linguists translate scientific and technical documentation in more than 950+ language pairs.

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Technical Translation Services Trusted  By Scientific and Academic Institutions

Tomedes is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and small businesses worldwide, such as scientific and academic institutions. Join 95,000+ satisfied customers today.

Our technical experts for our technical translation services assist brands and organizations in their global objectives, providing scalable and guaranteed solutions that are delivered on-time by our team of professional experts.

Technical Document Translation by Experts

Our technical experts translate your scientific, technical and academic documents for acceptance in journals, conferences, and fellowships. At Tomedes, only technical experts can do technical translations, which is why we choose industry experts in your discipline.

Added Benefits of Technical Translation Services

Terminology Consistency

We use the latest translation tools to keep your translations consistent. Our experts are versed in the specialized terminologies for your translations, and can work with your own glossaries, as well.

Highly-qualified technical translators

We primarily account for two things whenever we're hiring translators. First, we deploy translators who have the linguistic expertise, as well as industry expertise for your translations.

A Database of Insights

We are consistently working with companies from virtually all industries. Thus, our translation tech team is constantly updating and expanding our database of technical terminologies.

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Technical Translation Services for Applied and Industrial Sciences

Tomedes performs translation scientifically and methodologically, approaching technical document translation as an application of scientific principles and scientific methods. We carry out our technical translations remotely, serving thousands of clients across the world in mathematics and technology, academia and industry. We have executed technical translations in virtually every business domain imaginable, including the many vertical sectors that comprise applied and industrial sciences. Our expert linguists, knowledgeable in more than 950+ language pairs, are also trained in a broad range of scientific disciplines.

Technical Translation for Various Fields

With thousands of trained linguists in our network, we can hand-pick the technical translation team that are knowledgeable about the languages and disciplines required.


For engineering, whether in electrical or mechanical, software or hardware, there's a demand for exacting technical translation of diverse documentation, marketing materials, and reports. Tomedes brings to your next translation projects the engineering specialization to ensure that nothing is lost in translation.

Natural Sciences

Natural sciences require exact technical translation to convey across languages the nuances of biology, chemistry, and other scientific documents, in academic as well as industrial settings. Tomedes brings to each project a team of senior linguists trained in the required language pairs and commanding the terminology of each specific domain.

Applied Mathematics

Math may contain numbers, but the surrounding text also matters. Technical language translation is an essential complement to numerical computation and documentation. You can count on Tomedes to hand-pick the technical translators who know the nuances of mathematical language and can render that linguistic expertise across the specific language pair and terminology required.

Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural science demands precise technical translation to convey across borders the detailed documentation needed to grow and harvest crops properly. Tomedes has worked with clients around the world in fields of agritech, irrigation technology, and related fields, preparing documents intended for diverse audiences from scientists to hands-on farmers.

Social Sciences

Social sciences are called “soft” in relation to natural sciences, but accurate technical translation is indispensable for psychological, sociological, and political sciences. There's nothing soft about the seriousness which Tomedes brings to each project: we ensure that an expert team of linguists familiar with both the language pair and the social scientific domain will fulfill your translation needs.

Technical document translation services

In our globalized world, translating technical documents into various languages is essential for diverse scientific and engineering disciplines, for scholarly pursuits as well as industrial ones. Tomedes has assembled a worldwide team of thousands of skilled linguists, fluent in over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs in virtually every business and academic domain. Our specialty is technical translation of diverse documents, scientific reports and marketing collateral.

Looking for a technical language translator?

If you're looking for a technical translator, your best bet is Tomedes. We offer 24/7 support from translators and project managers alike. We also offer a full one year guarantee on all translation services. A technical translator is just a call away at Tomedes, so call today.


Our Network of expert technical translators

The Tomedes global team of technical translators runs the gamut of languages, mastering more than 120 tongues. In addition to this broad linguistic coverage, there is tremendous diversity in the professional training of our translation specialists in terms of the scholarly disciplines and professional experience they bring to each project. Whether it is scientific, mathematical, or engineering expertise that you require, Tomedes can set you up with a language specialist familiar with the insider terminology of your domain, assuring excellence in technical translation.

Common Use Cases

There are many common use cases for our technical translations done by our technical translators, including:

  • Engineering Texts
  • User Manuals
  • Scientific Procedures
  • Research Papers
  • Research Data
  • Technical Contracts
  • Patents
  • Product Specifications and Descriptions
  • Technical Contracts
  • Assembly Manuals

Translate Your Documents in Over 120 Languages and 950+ Language Pairs

Your technical documents will be translated in languages such as Japanese, French, Spanish, and Russian, among others, in our selection of over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs. Your documents will be translated by a native language translator, ensuring accuracy and quality with every word.

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