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Are you looking for medical translation services? Tomedes, one of the leading medical translation services, can help you with your medical translation and interpretation needs. With over a decade of experience, Tomedes has been serving the medical community with over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs. We also offer a 1-year guarantee, rapid delivery, and 24/7 customer support. What more could you need?

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Medical translation services trusted by healthcare companies worldwide

At Tomedes, our medical translation services are trusted by healthcare companies worldwide, like the Johnson & Johnson and the British Red Cross. We put the utmost care in our medical translations, so you can better serve your patients. Why not join our satisfied clients today?


Our medical translation services help healthcare providers worldwide eliminate language barriers to better serve communities. We provide secure and accurate solutions delivered on-time by our team of experts.

HIPAA compliant medical translations

Serving the needs of healthcare professionals and patients alike, Tomedes is compliant to HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The Act provides legislation that safeguards data privacy and security provisions. At Tomedes, your medical translations are secured through NDAs and secure technology. We provide peace of mind as a standard for all your medical translation services.

Medical Document Translation Services done by Medical Experts

The medical field is one that's ripe with specialized terminologies, all branching off of the sciences. Such documents as lab reports, patient history, patient records or electronic health records, and clinical findings can all be translated into the languages you need. Your medical documents will be handled by a medical translator, provided by Tomedes, who is an expert in the medical field. There is an added necessity of an accredited medical translator to translate your documents because only this type of expert is fully equipped to handle these translations.


Our Full Suite of Medical Translation Services

Medical translations have never been easier, with over 120 languages to choose from and 950+ available pairings.

Common Use Cases

Medical Academic Journals

If you have your medical paper ready for submission in an academic journal, but it's not in the required language, Tomedes can translate your paper, and proofread it too.

Clinical Trials

You may be wondering how to translate medical documents, such as those pharmaceutical documents or other types of documents used in clinical trials. We're more than capable of translating these types of documents.

Patient Records

Your records, such as manual patient records or electronic health records, are liable for translation and are handled with security and care at Tomedes.

Medical Device Manuals

For those in the MedTech industry, medical device manuals are transformed by the medical translator into reliable translations.

Telehealth Platforms

Translations for telehealth matter just as much as translation in hospitals, which is why at Tomedes we translate everything needed in coordinating virtual visits and remote patient monitoring.

Pharmaceutical Documents

For pharmacies, medical information such as medicine information leaflets or labels should be understood by the populace. That's what our medical translators do at Tomedes.

Medical Software Guides

The software that medical practitioners and healthcare providers use may be in dire need of translation, so send them over to Tomedes medical translation agency. We guarantee safe and secure access.

Healthcare Websites

Healthcare websites can reach an international audience by becoming multilingual, and the different aspects of the website can be translated by a medical translator.

Case Reports

For clinical research, the paper of electronic Case Report Forms (CRFs) may need to be translated into different languages for the sake of those patients participating in clinical trials.

Consent Forms

For almost all medical procedures, Informed Consent Forms, or ICF, are necessary. So are their translations into languages patients can understand.

Medical Software Localization

Need to localize your medical software? At Tomedes, a medical linguist will handle the linguistic, cultural, and translation needs of your localization project.

Promotional Materials for Medical Companies

If you're a medical company, all your promotional materials can become translated into significant marketing messages for your audience, at Tomedes.

Manufacturing Procedures

If you're a medical manufacturer, your manufacturing manuals, procedures, and leaflets also qualify for translation, so that your materials are in a language that people will understand.

Medical Patents

Didn't you think your medical patent qualifies for translation? It does. At Tomedes, we ensure accurate, quality, and convenient translation for your medical patents, too.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance forms, and requirements for medical insurance, such as birth certificates, are also part of the myriad of forms we can translate at Tomedes.

Medical Interpretation Services

Medical interpretation should be done by a hospital interpreter or a medical language interpreter. These professionals are available at Tomedes medical translation company. We offer consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Our medical interpreters interpret at all times during the patient's journey, both in synchronous and asynchronous communication. They break down healthcare barriers between the patient and the medical provider, in order to improve medical outcomes for the patient.

Looking for a Medical Translator?

If you're looking for a medical translator or medical interpreter, it's time to contact Tomedes. Our client satisfaction rate of 97% proves that our client is at the heart of our philosophy. We're available 24/7 to discuss your translation and interpretation needs, and we respond within 30 minutes.


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Medical Translation Services in over 120 Languages and 950+ Language Pairs

Medical translations have never been easier. At Tomedes, we have over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs to choose from. Here's the list of the languages we have currently available. Choose one and partner with Tomedes today.


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