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Tomedes provides legal translation services for legal firms and legal institutions. Legal translators understand the nuances and subtleties of specific terms to ensure that the legal translations they deliver are 100% accurate and certifiable. At Tomedes, our legal translation services are done by legal translators versed in over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs, with a 1-year guarantee, rapid delivery, and 24/7 customer support.

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Legal Translation Services by Legal Institutions Worldwide  

Our legal translation services are trusted by small, medium, and large legal institutions worldwide. Join our satisfied customers in the legal field today.

Our Legal Translation Services help brands and organizations achieve their global objectives. We provide scalable and guaranteed solutions that are delivered on-time by our team of experts.

Translate Your Legal Documents in Over 120 Languages and 950+ Language Pairs

Our legal translation services are done by experienced professionals in the legal field. We've successfully completed legal projects in over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs. We also transcribe and translate testimony and depositions as well as provide certified interpretation services.



Legal translation is one of the most sensitive fields in translation, a mistranslation can lead to malpractice lawsuits or in more extreme cases, it can cost someone's freedom. We deal with legal translations with the utmost care and consideration.

Legal Translation-Defined

Legal translation is the field of translation that transforms legal materials from one language to another. Since law is dependent on culture, it takes more than translations but also a knowledge of two or more countries' legal systems for legal translations to work.

Certifying The legal translation process

  • 1. Project management
  • 2. Legal analysis
  • 3. Translation
  • 4. LQA

How Do We Hire Your Legal Translator?

Learn more about our translator selection process.


Our legal translation agency facilitates a 2-step hiring process to hire translators. We use a combination of human reviewers and QA platforms to assess the linguistic and law expertise of each translator applicant. Then their work is audited via our internal review system using the factors of client feedback, professionalism, and consistency. When it comes to legal translators, we take into account their knowledge of two or more countries' laws and regulations.


Professional Legal Translation Services by Experts

Tomedes commands a global team of expert linguists, in over 100 countries and on every continent. These legal translators are familiar with the terminology, format, and structure of legal documents and the requirements for their preparation, presentation and submission to various jurisdictions. These linguistic specialists are skilled in the language of the law as used in virtually any jurisdiction in the world.

Certified Legal Translation Services

Most courts require that legal translations be done by a qualified and certified translator. Only a translator with the required certification is legally permitted to produce a certified translation to the satisfaction of courts and other legal authorities. Bear in mind also that legal formats vary widely across nations and local jurisdictions, so you need to seek out legal translation services that will performed by specialized professionals who possess both knowledge of the law applicable in that particular locality and that sort of court. Tomedes offeglobal coverage in legal translation with localized expertise.

Secure Legal Document Translation

Our global team is trained in the confidentiality requirements in legal translation and processes all such documents with the highest levels of discretion and security. We provide end-to-end encryption for all platforms, as well as NDAs for our project managers and translators.

Looking for a Legal Translator?

Tomedes assigns specialized legal translation teams to translate and certify legal documents of all kinds to meet the exacting requirements of officers of the court and the standards of authorities in every jurisdiction. Contact us for a legal translator today, we reply in 30 minutes.

Legal Translation for Every Industry

Tomedes' translators are versed in corporate law, family law, environmental law, entertainment law, bankruptcy law, civil rights law, maritime law, and much more. That diversity of our coverage ensures that the translations that we execute for you come across as both knowledgeable and natural to the clients and courts you serve, whichever industry you're in.

Legal Translation Services for Your Every Need

Tomedes services for attorneys, law firms, courts, and private individuals are diverse. They include certified legal translations of personal documents and certificates, contractual documents, intellectual property documents, regulatory and technical documentation for corporate and government clients.

Our Popular Legal Document Translation Services

  • Contract translation
  • Summons translation
  • Patent and trademark filings translation
  • Deeds translation
  • Litigation document translation
  • Immigration document translation
  • Witness statement / deposition
  • Legal certification translation
  • Legal disclaimers translation
  • Legal marketing translation
  • Will translation
  • Articles of incorporation translation
  • Letters of credit translation
  • Affidavits translation
  • Arbitration translation
  • Confidentiality agreement translation
  • Correspondence translation
  • Foreign legal text translation
  • Government and legal ruling reports translation
  • License

Case Studies of our Recent Legal Translations

Tomedes has performed certified legal translation services for thousands of law firms, attorneys and courts worldwide. Here are some recent cases where our legal translators delivered superb results with quick turnaround at competitive rates.

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