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German to English<br>Legal Translation Services

February 28, 2016

By Ofer Tirosh

Legal translation can be a tricky area. It requires the use of highly skilled professional translators in order to ensure that the translated document is a perfect match for the original. Machine translation is not up to the task, as mistakes in legal documents can have unintended and significant consequences. 

That’s why here at Tomedes we always use professional human translators to undertake our work – not just for legal translation but for every translation job that we complete. It’s one of several ways in which we ensure that the quality of our translations remains tiptop. 

Recently a client asked us to translate a set of legal documents from German to English for her company. The batch of documents included a number of legal agreements, designed to define the boundaries of a partnership between her company and another business, so accurate translation was essential. 

Tomedes provided an instant quote for the job and the client was delighted with the value for money offered by our service, instructing us to proceed with the work immediately. 

We used our leading German to English legal translator for this job. Based in Liverpool, she has been translating legal documents for years and is able to produce extremely accurate work to tight deadlines. This client’s work was no exception. In just over a week our German translator had produced English versions of every document in the set. 

The Tomedes quality assurance team reviewed the documents before we sent them to the client. This is a fixed part of our process that applies to all translation work we undertake and is one of the reasons that we can confidently offer a one year guarantee for every translation that we complete. Once the quality assurance team was satisfied, the documents were sent over to the client. 

From legal documents to business cards, Tomedes is here to assist with your translation needs. Contact us by phone, email or the chat service on our website to find out more.

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