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Tomedes is experienced in notarized translation services and can notarize documents, translate and certify the accuracy of translated documents, certificates, and documentary evidence.

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Notarized Translation Services - Explained

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Notarized Translation

Notarization means that a notary public has been involved in the preparation of a document. Most commonly, a notary attests to the manifest evidence that a document has been signed in a particular place and time. The notary public may also be authorized by a given jurisdiction to witness and certify that various formalities are in accordance with prescribed procedures, including production of a notarized translation of educational transcripts, diplomas, professional certificates and other vital records issued in a foreign language.

Notarized vs Certified Translation

A certified translation fulfills the requirements of certification in a given jurisdiction, approved as accurate by an accredited translation agency, allowing the certified document to be valid for use in formal proceedings. A translator accredited by that jurisdiction undertakes responsibility for the document translation’s accuracy. Accreditation requirements and parameters vary from locality to locality. So it is essential that the translation agency with whom you work is accredited in that jurisdiction. Not every certified translation must be notarized.

Use Cases

Notarized translations are required in a broad range of situations where the authenticity and accuracy of a document’s translation is deemed important. The global Tomedes translation team is experienced in diverse use cases.

Commonly Notarized Translated Documents

Legal Documents

Notarized translations are often required by legal authorities as another means of validating that a document issued in a foreign language is in fact translated completely and correctly. The documents in question range from vital records like birth and marriage certificates, to business contracts. The Tomedes worldwide team includes linguists with legal training.


Financial Documents

Foreign-issued financial documents often require a notarized translation attesting to a notary public’s confirmation that the document was translated in accordance with the prescribed procedures for such documents in that jurisdiction. These can include translations of tax returns, declarations of assets, and other financial and professional documents.


Personal documents (medical documents, sworn statements etc.)

A notarized translation is recognized by a given jurisdiction confirming the authenticity of how a document or document-related event was translated. Documents which might be subject to notarization include medical records, sworn statements and records of birth, marriage and death as well as educational diplomas, transcripts, and professional certifications.

Our Recent Notarized Translation Projects

Following are just a few samples from the steady stream of translation notarization assignments that Tomedes receives and completes successfully. Our global team of linguists, comprising thousands of translators expert in more than 1,000+ language pairs, is trained and certified to execute notarized translations in thousands of jurisdictions around the world.

Looking for Notarized Translation Services?

Tomedes specializes in preparation of notarized translations. Please send us your scanned documents and tell us what you require. We’ll respond immediately.

FAQs on Notarized Translations

Tomedes specializes in preparation of notarized translations. Please send us your scanned documents and tell us what you require. We’ll respond immediately.

Do translated documents need to be notarized?

Not all translated documents require certification or notarization, but many jurisdictions require this to ensure the authenticity of the document translation or related signatures. Better to be safe than sorry.

Should my notarized translation be accompanied by a certification?

Always carefully follow instructions of the jurisdiction or authority requesting notarized or certified translations. It is advisable to send these instructions to Tomedes so that we can verify their implementation.

How can I find a notarized translator near me?

These days, notarization and translation are performed online, so location is less important. Tomedes has a global presence, ensuring you get a translator fluent in your mother tongue and the required language.

Notarized Translations in any Language

The Tomedes translation team includes thousands of trained linguists from more than a hundred countries. Our expert network includes translation specialists trained and accredited to translate and interpret between more than 1,000+ language pairs, including the ability to notarize and certify translations. Naturally, the most common language for global business -- English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, German French, Japanese -- are well covered. But we also have expert translators on call for regional languages and dialects of Africa, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

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