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95,000 clients have entrusted Tomedes with their business. These include private individuals, small to medium businesses, and the largest corporations, leading brands, national and local governments. But most importantly: we're here for you. Right now.


When it comes to language services, including translation and localization to and from Norwegian, Tomedes provides a complete set of solutions to meet the demanding expectations of its global business clients. Native Norwegian linguists are on call around the clock to finish your projects on time and under budget. More than 50,000 businesses, in over 100 countries, have enjoyed Tomedes’ “smart human translation” and other linguistic specializations. Each project is accompanied by a guarantee: in the unlikely event that an error of any kind is found in our work within a full year, we’ll correct it immediately and at no charge.

Our Language Services in Norwegian

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Areas of Expertise

Norwegian linguistic specialists in Tomedes’ global network are skilled in virtually every industry sector, including these:


Norway may not be known for auto brands like its Swedish neighbors, but the Norwegians care about their cars, and this market is an important one to the global auto industry. Transport- related businesses rely on Tomedes to deliver services in Norwegian to speak the language of their target markets. Whether it’s translating technical documents, preparing sales and marketing literature, or making sure Norwegian language car displays are perfect in every way, our language experts prove exceptional.

Banking and finance

Exactness is a prerequisite for every financial document, and thus top finance firms and banking institutions depend on Tomedes to provide flawless linguistic services. For translating to and from Norwegian and creating original documents of diverse types, our expert linguists make sure that financial and accounting documents are accurate and fully consistent with standards and requirements. Loan providers, financial advisories and insurance companies all work closely with our translation and editing teams to ensure perfection, down to the letter.

Successful law firms know that their work is dependent on complete and accurate command of language. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that legal eagles and courts at every level rely on Tomedes to deliver translations to and from Norwegian that are precise and compliant with national, regional and local jurisprudence. Our linguists excel in the arcane tongue of ‘legalese’ across diverse domains and disciplines of the law, from copyright, trademark and patent applications to merger and acquisition contracts, to partnerships and incorporations as well as for employment contracts, wills and trusts, and linguistic support for litigation of all kinds.


Precision can save human life in healthcare and medicine. Tomedes Norwegian language experts are driven to accomplish the highest standards in translation of technical, marketing and sales documents. We are a language services provider to top pharmaceutical firms and device makers along with healthcare service providers, such as clinics and hospitals. Our clients depend on us to deliver perfection, and we strive to live up to their high expectations.


Gaming is a huge business in northern Europe: what else to do on those long winter nights? Industry players look for high quality yet economical solutions to speak the language of Norwegian gamers as well as firms involved in its entertainment and consumer electronics industries. Localization is essential for entering new markets. Our experts specialize in video games, VR and AR gadgets, sport events, and a vast array of other entertainment.

Technology and Science

Leading tech firms depend on Tomedes to provide them with comprehensive language solutions to adapt products, services and documents of all kinds from and to Norwegian. Our crack language teams excel in diverse domains and niches of scientific and technology. They translate apps and websites, sales and marketing collateral along with all types of social media.

Military and Security

Security forces and firms can cut no corners when it comes to language. They are strict and precise, expecting fulfilment to the letter of the most exacting standards when it comes to localization and translation projects. Defense companies depend on Tomedes to hit the bull’s eye in terms of delivering on time and within the agreed budget. Our superb translators, editors writers and other linguists apply their expertise to adapt content from and to Norwegian.


Tomedes specialists excel in meeting the demanding needs of governmental agencies in nations and regions around the world. We work with officials at every level -- national, regional, and local. Our skilled translators, editors and writers provide official documentation of the highest quality in Norwegian. We are known for our strict security and confidentiality: that discretion has won the deep trust of diverse governments and non-governmental organizations.

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