Certified Vietnamese Birth Certificate Translation

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Certified Vietnamese Birth Certificate Translation

July 07, 2020

By Ofer Tirosh

Tomedes is a key supplier of business translations for clients around the world. However, that’s far from all that we do. We also support individual clients with a range of translation requests, from personal blogging projects to important documents such as education certificates. 

The latest such example was a client who needed his birth certificate translated from Vietnamese to English. He was in a hurry for his translation, so the Tomedes team lost no time in assisting him. 

As the client needed to share the translated birth certificate with an official body – the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS – he also requested a certificate of translation to accompany it. 


Vietnamese Birth Certificate Translation into English

Official bodies can ask to see a certificate of birth in their native language for a range of reasons. It is then up to the individual in question to produce the required documentation in the language that the officials request. 

In this case study, the client needed to show the English-speaking officials his Vietnamese birth certificate. As they didn’t speak Vietnamese, he turned to Tomedes to undertake the translation (as USCIS birth certificate translation rules don’t permit the individual in question to translate their own documentation). 

Our agency is known for providing certified birth certificate translation (among other certified translation services), so the client knew he could look forward to a fast and efficient service by using Tomedes. 

The Tomedes team has been providing translations to clients around the world since 2007. In that time, we’ve translated countless personal papers, including marriage certificates, divorce certificates and many, many birth certificates. 

For this client, it was important that the birth certificate translation service that he used was able to provide his document in a hurry. As such, he opted to use our urgent translation service, meaning that there would be absolutely no delay in him receiving the English version. 

In requesting a birth certificate translation, USCIS also indicated that they required official evidence that the translated certificate was an exact representation of the original. The client had wondered whether he would need to get his birth certificate translation notarized However, after his account manager explained the process of issuing a certificate of translation, the client realised that this was precisely what he required. 

As such, our certified Vietnamese translator sprang into action, aware that there was no time to lose! 


Accurate Translations by our Native Vietnamese Translators

Vietnamese is a fascinating language. It is a tonal language that has been heavily influenced by Chinese languages over the years. Vietnamese’s written form was once based on Chinese characters, but it now uses the Latin alphabet (based on the French alphabet), so this is what our native Vietnamese translators use. 

All of our Vietnamese translations are delivered by native speakers and we are proud that our Vietnamese translation services have helped clients with a huge range of language-related needs over the years. From business translation services to legal translation, when a company or an individual is in need of a certified Vietnamese translator, Tomedes is here to help! 

In the example of this client, the original Vietnamese document needed to be translated to English. Our Vietnamese translator was based in California, where many of the USA’s 1.5 million Vietnamese speakers reside. Vietnamese is, in fact, the fifth most spoken language in the States, with only English, Spanish, Chinese (encompassing both Mandarin and Cantonese) and Tagalog having higher concentrations of speakers. 

With so many years of providing Vietnamese translations under our belt, we are confident in our ability to deliver timely, accurate documents for both Vietnamese to English and English to Vietnamese translations. We match our translators to each job not only based on their linguistic skill but also on the relevance of their experience. That way, we ensure that our medical translators are paired with medical documents, for example, while our certificate translations are undertaken by those with plenty of experience of that type of work. 


Certified Translations in 100+ Languages

In fact, we apply this approach not just to Vietnamese but to every language with which we work. It’s one of the ways in which we ensure that our translations are accurate, each and every time. 

Over the years, we have built up a global network of translators and other language professionals, from multilingual copywriters to desktop publishing experts. This means we now offer certified translation services in over 100 languages. 

Our certified language translation means that clients around the world can have the peace of mind of knowing that their documents are in safe hands and that they can quickly and easily show the provenance of their translations. For this client, it meant he could evidence the accuracy of his translation to the USCIS, proving that it was an authentic copy of his original birth certificate.

Being able to provide certified Vietnamese translations, such as the one required by this client, to very tight deadlines is also a core part of Tomedes’ work with this language. That’s why we make a point of working with Vietnamese translation professionals who are able to translate efficiently under pressure, without compromising the accuracy of their work. 

In fact, this is the case for every language with which we work. Our emphasis is on linguistic ability and accuracy combined, as well as an awareness of each translator’s particular specialisations and experience. This approach to our network means that we can call on translators at short notice, while also accessing the skills and specialist knowledge that each client needs. 

For the client in this case study, that meant accessing a Vietnamese translator with experience of translating personal documentation such as certificates. How does that compare with your own translation needs? Whatever the language pairing you have in mind or the subject-specific expertise that you need, why not put our translation network to the test? Contact us today to find out more. You can phone, email or live chat with us 24/7. You can also get a free translation quote from our website if you’re after an instant price. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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